Who is this mad cow?

Hi, that’s me – Sarah Maur Ward.
And if you’re clinging to what’s left of your sanity by the tips of your flaky little menopausal fingernails, please get in touch. It’s good to share…

I’d also like to say that alongside this brand new and some say rather odd endeavour, I’m also an actor, voiceover artist, jazzy-blues singer, start-up writer, working team member, mum (to two argumentative Teen Wretches), wife (to The Egg), chief cook, bottle-washer (I’ve never actually been sure what that is but I think I’m probably one), chief tummy-rubber ( - to The Incorrigible Lab, as opposed to The Egg - in case you're wondering... ), friend (and I’m very privileged to have some seriously stonking ones), sister, great aunt-in-law (don’t ask it’s complicated) and gawd only knows what else! 
But that’s what’s so interesting about people, I think - we’re rarely just one thing, are we….

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